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Products & Divisions

Electric Scooters Factory - proudly "Made in Macau"

  • Manufacturing range of Electric Scooters from 500W to 3KW,  Certified Street Legal.
  • Renting Electric Scooters in Macau.
  • Service and Environmental Centre: providing Eco-Tech Products locally and worldwide.
  • Custom made Electric Scooters for delivery, Police and Utilities needs.
  • Sport & Racing Electric Powered.
  • Electric Scooters Battery Exchange Station System.




      Download brochures of standard production models



      Stay tune for more information's to be listed here.

Electric & Hybrid Cars



Hybrid Conversion Systems

  • Developed for resolving petrol scooters pollution problems, conversion systems to fix old problems.
    Meaning, Now any old or a new scooter can become "Smart" ,  "Hybrid"  &  "Green".
  • Hybrid Conversions for TAXI, mini Buses, Buses and Trucks.
  • Hybridization for Commercial Vessels.
  • Hybrid Energy Systems.

                       Hybrid Scooter (Petrol + Electric), Two-wheel Drive.

     We say, Hybridizing is the logical way Today, before one day we all go Electric.

Coaxial Drive System

  • World's one of a kind, "Coaxial Drive System" which can apply not just E-Bicycles but the rest of E-Transports.
  • Motor, Gears, Torque Sensor, Controller, plus. All, in a compact structure and is getting smaller and smarter.

                           download brochure .pdf

Brushless Geared DC Electric Motor (with 2 or 3 Gears), 1000 & 2000 Watt  


       download brochure .pdf

    When you understand that just like all petrol/diesel vehicles you need gears for performance and efficiency.

On-Board Automatic Charging System

Ionizer  - Fuel Save Invention (diesel, gasoline, LPG and ethanol), not magnets gimmick !

                     - Reducing Pollutants CO, HC, NOx, etc. by 60%-80%

                          - Carbon Credit

                      download brochure .pdf

And more to be presented soon, ...



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