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Smart Solutions through Consultancy

When it comes to solutions related to Green Industries we
@ BETECH, are very straight finding best way solution with physical and practical method excluding all repackaged technologies out there.

Smart Solutions for Green Industries

- City Electric Transport System.
- Mass Population Green Transport and location based win-win business.
- Converting old power plants into hybrid.
- Converting old vehicles into hybrid.
- Charging Stations for Electric Transportation.
- On-Board Automatic Charging System.
- Providing solutions and logical systems for Carbon Credit Initiatives and advantages.
- Simple but efficient renewable power plant, stand alone or grid type.


Smart Energy related Solutions

- Solar and Wind Energy Efficiency Power Plus System
- Smart Grid
- Grid Leveling
- Energy Storage
- Energy Efficiency
- Hybrid Power Stand Alone and Mobile Power Systems
- Stand Alone Data Centers Energy Systems
- Government
- Military
- Energy  Efficient Transfer  Systems
- Carbon Credit ultimate solution: Fuel Saver-Ionizer
  (Reduce pollutants such as CO, HO, NOx, etc. by 60%-80%, Fuel saving up to 15% and more).

Consultancy for any other Alternative Energy Technologies, R&D, and OEM Solutions,+++

Yes, all the way but SMART, PRACTICAL, & it  WORKS !


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