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Technology - Only but Pure, Innovative & Genuine......

Electric Transport

  • More than 15 years of knowledge, research, development and production of micro-electric transports.
  • From micro electric scooters, electric bicycles, electric scooters to other bigger electric movers.
  • Electric Motors waste knowledge, in-house designs and innovations based on top quality and performance.
  • Motor Controllers, hardware and software as well complete custom related controllers.
  • System Designed and Developed Control Box.
  • Coaxial Drive System for electric bicycles, scooters and vehicles.
  • Axial Flux Motor Design, based on low resistance, no cogging, specific RPM, etc.
  • Battery Exchange Station System.
  • Super Fast Charging System for range of batteries.
  • On-board Charging Systems.


      World's only:
                "Two-wheel Electric Scooter with 3 gears in front wheel and 3 gears in rear wheel"           

                                                      Performance & Efficiency above all out there.


                "Efficient and Economical, powered by 10kw Electric Motor and  SLA Batteries".



Hybrid Transportation

  • In-house R&D team with international professionals providing cost effective, performance based hybrids.
  • Reverse engineered systems as per custom needs in hybrid power.
  • Percentage based power hybridization and energy efficiency.
  • Fixing old problems related to poor engine performance, pollution and consumption, by hybridizing.
  • Custom based hybridization for any type of transportation.
  • Hybrid Transportation Alternatives as brand new product.
  • Hybrid Conversion Systems for old and aged transportation, with instant improvements from 30% to 50% in energy efficiency, noise and pollution reductions.     


  • VR3 Hybrid Cross Bike 250cc + 1KW


     We say, Hybridizing is the logical way Today, before one day we all go Electric.

Other Systems & Renewable Energy

  • BioFuels, HHO as per specific needs and available resources, requirements but in pure turn-key solution.
  • Mix Power Systems, more than Hybrid.
  • Air based engineering power systems.
  • Old Patents never seen day light in real life but now in making, engineering, re-inventing and sharing against controlled industries.
  • Access to world wide independent technologies.
  • Fuel Ionizer: Reducing CO, HC and NOx "60%-80%", "Not a magnets gimmick".



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