BIGETTI  HYBRID HTR1   (49cc + 2Kw BLDC Motor)

Patents Pending


Benefits and Features:

  Two Wheel Drive, More Power, Less Pollution, Less Petrol, Better Performance...

  3 Choice of Operation : Electric, Petrol or Hybrid Power.

  100% Fuel savings in Electric mode of operation.

  50% Fuel savings in Hybrid mode of operation.

  Significant pollution reduction in Hybrid operation.

  Over 25%+ angle of climb for hills and mountains.

  On red traffic light Electric mode and start, no pollution, no noise.

  Maximum torque available from the pull of acceleration for Rapid starts

  Onboard Charging System  while riding.

  No Noise production in Electric and less Noise in Hybrid mode of operation.

  Powered by Lead Acid Heavy duty batteries. ( No Lithium ).



More Powerful, Two-wheel Drive, Less Noise and Pollution,

3 mode of operation: Electric, Hybrid, Petrol/Gas.     


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OEM and project based hybrid conversions welcome !