" We Create Future Electric Transport Alternatives "


Who is Bigetti

Bigetti is an division of Millennium International established in 1997 in Hong Kong and specialized in research, development, manufacturing and marketing electric transport alternatives starting from electric scooter, electric bicycles as well other means of electric transportation.

Bigetti operates internationally with its production facilities In Dongguan, China and head office in Hong Kong.

Bigetti with partners Betech Limited also operates Hybrid Conversion Systems division with R&D, production in Zhuhai, China and office, showroom and assembly in Macau.

Currently, the Bigetti team is working on establishment of international office and sales centers mostly in Europe, Japan with plans in other continents in 2015-2016.

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Our Mission

It is very simple, logical and passionate one. 

To constantly work on R&D and production of electric powered transport alternatives with innovative and inventive hearts for today's and tomorrow's generations.

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With over 15 years of experience from early stages of electric transportation related to Scooters and electric bicycles we have build up our knowledge, technology and innovativeness.
Being involved in close works and development with numerous international companies, universities and individuals we have seen, learn and explored very much where the future and technologies goes.
We always emphasize on originality, innovations and inventiveness as well the priority to protect our and partners intellectual properties.
Right now we own numerous related patents in the industry and many more on drawing board coming soon into reality.


Our Inventions, Innovations and Patents :

                                       1) "Coaxial Drive System" (with 5 Gears) 250 W (download info .pdf)                          

  2) "GEARED ELECTRIC DC MOTOR" (2 or 3 Gears)  1000 W


   3) Two-Wheel Drive / 6 Gears Hub Motor Electric Scooter

                    4) "ON BOARD CHARGING SYSTEM" (For all E Vehicles)                  

                     5) "HYBRID CONVERSION SYSTEMS" (Any type)                                

6) Range of Patent Pending Inventions and Innovations...

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Divisional production is located in Dongguan, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Zhuhai, China, Hong Kong & Macau
which operate in total 860 workers, engineers and professionals. 
Frame manufacturing is done in Shanghai manufacturing plant.                 

With strict management and quality control along with constant education of our staff we build relationship
and future with everyone involved.

Also production of electric scooters with proprietary (Patented) Geared Electric Motor is located in Macau.
Current production of electric scooter models range from 500W to 3KW.

ON BOARD Charging System production is located in Hong Kong and Macau.


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This section of our website is available to our partners, strategic alliances, investors and authorized dealerships only.
Newsletters and updates are available upon registration using GPG Key for security of communications.

Check Out Soon. Glimpse of few things on the way...


Bigetti is structuring another division related to Hybrid Power Conversions Systems.

Here presenting model HTR1 specifically developed, field tested and in production.

Stay Tune for more electric transport alternatives to be presented here on our website soon.

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We welcome anybody to join us and work with us.
If you are an individual, designer, inventor, company, association, investor or professional please feel free to contact us for exploration of limitless opportunities.

- BENLING Electric Vehicles Factory
- Hong Kong Inventors Association


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